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Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lifts



“MINT” stands for “minimally invasive non-surgical threads.” While “thread lifts” have been available for many years, the results were not always as positive as expected. Advancements in aesthetic technology led to the development of the MINT lift for results that are far superior to earlier thread lifts. This is an FDA-approved treatment that uses an absorbable barbed suture to lift the facial skin from within, with the added advantage of stimulating natural collagen production for longer term, natural-looking results.



The process involves the placing sutures (very thin threads with tiny cones) into the subcutaneous tissue in mid-face. The cones, called “medial cones” are anchored deep within the skin tissue, functioning to lift the skin to and then anchor it in a more youthful position. They are ultimately adjustable, and both you and Dr. Joe will be able to see the changes, and custom-create the lifting effect that matches your personal vision.



Ultherapy is a treatment that has results you can see and feel. It works by delivering ultrasound waves deep into your skin structure to boost natural collagen production. It has the added benefit of transmitting an image so our Ultherapy expert delivers the therapeutic waves to the area of the skin where they can produce the greatest rejuvenating benefits. Your skin surface is unharmed and undamaged. No needles, no scalpels, no surgery – just firmer, younger, more beautiful skin.