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Orthopedic surgery treats a wide range of problems, from fractures and ruptured ligaments to joints damaged by advanced arthritis. In addition to his vast experience as an orthopedic surgeon, Darren L. Bergey, MD, at Executive Medical and Surgical Associates completed advanced fellowship training in spine surgery, giving him the skill and qualifications needed to perform spine surgery. If you need any type of spine or orthopedic surgery, call the office in Colton or Costa Mesa, California, or connect online to request an evaluation and learn about the best surgery for your condition.

Orthopedic Surgeries Q & A

When would I need orthopedic surgery?

Some orthopedic conditions need prompt surgery. Complex fractures need immediate surgery to ensure the bones heal properly, and torn ligaments often need surgical reconstruction to restore optimal strength and function.

However, surgery is usually the last treatment option for most orthopedic conditions. An experienced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Bergey completes a full examination, reviews diagnostic imaging, and uses conservative treatments first. Then he recommends surgery if your symptoms don’t improve.

In addition to broken bones and ruptured ligaments, the musculoskeletal conditions that can end up needing surgery include:

  • Arthritis
  • Dislocated joints
  • Chronic joint instability
  • Tendon tears
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Meniscus tears
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Labral tears
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Hip dysplasia

Dr. Bergey also provides second opinions if another physician recommends surgery and you want to learn if that’s your best choice or you have other options. For example, restorative medicine and peptide therapy often promote healing, allowing you to avoid surgery.

What type of orthopedic surgery might I need?

Whenever possible, Dr. Bergey performs minimally invasive surgery like arthroscopy. This allows him to make a small incision, which reduces your post-surgery pain and helps you heal faster.

During orthopedic surgery, Dr. Bergey may:

  • Realign and stabilize fractures
  • Implant orthopedic hardware
  • Repair or remove torn cartilage
  • Reconstruct ligaments
  • Repair or release tendons
  • Remove loose bodies in the joint
  • Remove infected or injured tissues
  • Reconstruct or replace joints


These procedures can all be done through minimally invasive or open surgery, depending on your overall health and unique needs. 

Are spine procedures included in orthopedic surgery?

Yes, but only when the orthopedic surgeon has completed advanced fellowship training in spine surgery. Dr. Bergey specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery (endoscopic spine surgery). 

The small incision and specialized instruments he uses allow him to repair problems without cutting the muscles supporting your spine. Preserving the muscles makes a dramatic difference in your recovery because you don’t have to wait for them to heal. 

During spine surgery, Dr. Bergey often does procedures like: 

  • Microdiscectomy (to repair a herniated disc)
  • Discectomy (to remove the entire damaged disc)
  • Artificial disc replacement (to implant a new prosthetic disc)
  • Spinal fusion (to fuse two adjacent vertebrae together)
  • Laminectomy, laminotomy, and foraminotomy (different ways to decompress nerves)

If you face spine or orthopedic surgery, call Executive Medical and Surgical Associates or click the online booking tab to schedule an appointment.