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When you need surgery for your spine, bones, muscles, joints, and other musculoskeletal tissues, you’re primarily concerned about the type of procedure and the skill of your surgeon. Orthopedic surgeon and fellowship-trained spine surgeon Darren L. Bergey, MD, at Executive Medical and Surgical Associates, meets the highest standards for a skilled surgeon. But you may be surprised to learn that surgical services cover more than your operation. Dr. Bergey provides comprehensive care before and after surgery. To learn more, call the office in Colton or Costa Mesa, California, or request an appointment online.

Surgical Services Q & A

What are surgical services?

The answer to this question may seem obvious because surgical services are all about performing operations. However, surgical services are more expansive and include all of the care you need before, during, and after surgery.

Pre-surgery care

In most cases, surgery is the last resort. Dr. Bergey begins your care with the full range of nonsurgical orthopedic treatments. But when you need surgery, he does a thorough preoperative assessment, then explains your surgical options and answers your questions.

He also makes sure you have the information needed for pre-surgery medical clearances. For example, you may need clearance from a cardiovascular specialist if you have heart disease.

Post-surgery care

Dr. Bergey works closely with you after your surgery. He manages your pain, ensures you’re healing properly, and begins your rehabilitation. 

Most patients start physical therapy as soon as possible, beginning with gentle care that supports healing, then progressing to exercises that strengthen and restore mobility and function.

Are second opinions part of surgical services?

Second opinions are another aspect of the surgical services Dr. Bergey performs. Getting a second opinion is important any time you have questions or concerns about your diagnosis or need help making treatment decisions. But second opinions are essential when you’re undecided about surgery.

Dr. Bergey reviews your current medical information and may order additional diagnostic testing or do a thorough exam. Then he talks with you about his review and offers his treatment recommendations.

What spine and orthopedic procedures are included in surgical services?

Pre- and post-operative care are important, but the heart of surgical services is the procedure you need. 

Dr. Bergey performs the full scope of spine and orthopedic surgeries. He’s highly skilled in minimally invasive surgeries like endoscopic spine surgery and arthroscopy and also has extensive experience in open surgery when needed.

Endoscopic spine surgery and arthroscopy are minimally invasive because they’re done using slim instruments inserted through tiny incisions. 

The instruments provide magnified views of the tissues, allowing Dr. Bergey to perform detailed procedures, from repairing damaged discs or decompressing spinal nerves to repairing tissues inside your joints.

Minimally invasive procedures also cause less trauma. As a result, you have less pain after surgery and recover faster.

If you need surgical services, you can depend on the care and expertise of Dr. Bergey. Call Executive Medical and Surgical Associates or use online booking to learn about your surgery options.